Host families are an important part of the experience for international students.

Much of the students learning takes place in the home and with the support of a loving host family.

If you would like to be contacted about becoming a host family please complete a contact request form here.

International students come to the United States on a F-1 visa and with an invitation (I-20) to study in a private, Christian school. The I-20 and current visa become the critical documents they need for entry into the U.S. Most students come without any connection to their school of choice or the community where they will be studying and living. Partners In Learning helps international students find Christian host families who are interested and excited to invite them into their families. This creates a wonderful learning opportunity that crosses cultural boundaries for the student and the family. This learning experience is as valuable to the students as their time at school. Host families are also able to learn about other cultures by sharing meals and experiences with the student throughout the year. 

If you decide to become a host family, you are expected to provide room and board for the student. Most of the time this means the student would have their own room and quiet study space. Providing for meals and transportation to and from school are also part of the host family’s responsibilities. You will be paid a stipend to cover many of the additional expenses you incur as a host. 

We expect host families to consider the international student a full member of the family, as much a family member and any other. This includes assigning chores and doing normal family activities together. The student is expected to attend church with the host family and possibly other student activities that the host children may be involved in. Life goes on as normal. Host families have just made a nice addition to its family unit! 

Partners In Learning works in the best interest of the student and host family to make sure they are compatible. Each has an opportunity to decide if they feel that it would be a good fit based on many factors. Partners provides orientation materials to the student and the host family, ensuring that the move into the host family's home is a smooth transition. We continue to provide support to the student and host family throughout the school year. Our experienced staff is available 24/7 to assist with any challenges that may arise. 


If I’m interested in hosting, what can I expect the process to look like? Because we are careful to provide a safe and healthy host family for our international students, we require that our host families complete the following steps: 

  • Complete the Host Family Application Form

  • Participate in a follow-up home visit

  • Reference checks – provided on the application

  • Criminal background check - For anyone living in the home over the age of 18